The only load board designed for Expedite.

Instant access to 50,000+ expedite loads monthly. Industry trusted, easy-to-use load board for expedited deliveries with cargo vans, sprinter vans, and box trucks. Sign up today!

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Expedite cheaper, faster, smarter.

Whether you're an independent contractor, own your small expediting company, or you run a freight company with many drivers we've created a solution for you in mind.

Simply log in on a computer or mobile device for instant access to thousands of expedite loads near you.

Load information and company contact information is displayed in a simple, hassle free load board that's easy to navigate and understand.

Simple, Straight Pricing

Thousands of expedited loads across North America, right at your fingertips.

Basic Expediter
  • Access to 25,000+ loads monthly for sprinter/cargo vans
  • Dashboard optimized for web + tablet + mobile
  • Limited email support
  • 1 login
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Expedite Pro
  • Access to 70,000+ loads monthly for sptinre/cargo vans and box trucks
  • Dashboard optimized for web + tablet + mobile
  • Unlimited email customer support
  • 1 login
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